How do i get a reverted transaction receipt id from an AAVE flashloan request on the mainnet?

The transaction fails and rollsback, but I don't see any tx receipt output for the failed transaction to follow up on.

As an example, in the hardhat typescript, I make a pretty standard call the requestFlashLoan function in the solidity smart contract:

async function requestFlashLoan(deployer : Signer) {
    // Instantiate FLA Contract 
    const contractFLASend = new ethers.Contract(

    // Request Flashloan and Swap of Tokens  
    await contractFLASend.requestFlashLoan(TOKEN0_ADDRESS, TOKEN0_AMOUNT, SWAP_CONTRACT_ADDRESS, 


Then when the Solidity function gets called:

requestFlashLoan -- which is pretty boiler plate for AAVE and the payback fails because I'm short of money to payback the loan, the whole transaction accordingly rollsback--which it should do, but I'm unclear on how to get the transaction receipt in the typescript code from the rolled back transaction.

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A reverted transactions will have a tranaction receipt similar to any transaction.

  • Reverted transaction receipt status is 0 instead of 1
  • No logs (events) are generated as everything is fully reverted

Hope this helps. Without more details in your question it is impossible to give a better answer.

  • I am going to update my original question with code--I realized after my I posted my original question that I was sparse on the details--sorry about that. Commented May 9 at 4:57
  • I've added some detail to my original question. Commented May 11 at 1:17

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