So I setup my private net and I have multiple computers(peers) connected on this network, but when I deploy a new contract I have to mine it with the machine that created the contract. Shouldn't it be possible for my peers to mine the contract I upload?

If you need any extra information just ask me

  • What Ethereum client software are the nodes running? Are all the nodes mining? In geth, the --mine command-line option starts the node in mining mode. Mining can also be started and stopped from the geth console by miner.start() and miner.stop() commands. – Ajoy Bhatia May 18 '17 at 19:15

Take a look at gethdev.js script from A simple development wrapper for Ethereum's geth repo.

[..] runs a JavaScript file to automatically create the first account, and start and stop mining as needed.

Basically, it starts and stops a miner when there is a transaction from any peer.

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