i have a following structure for my contracts : 1 - OpenZeppelin v 4.9 2 - safepool 3 - safepoolfactory i have a single file that this code :

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;
import "https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/blob/release-v4.9/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol";

contract SafePool {
constructor(string memory _name, address Owner ,address TokenAddress) {
        name = _name;
        owner = Owner;
        token_address = TokenAddress;
//other codes

contract SafePoolFactory {
 constructor(address Token_Address)  {
        _owner = msg.sender;
        token_address = Token_Address;
//other codes

i have deployed and verifyed safepool factory contract then i have tried to create 10 safe pools and transfered some matic to them but now i want to verify contracts but everythings i have tried dosent work i have tried to use safepool factory code , safepool and factory code to gether and in final i have tried flattened file with 3 contracts in single file and dosent worked also i have tried remix verify plugins and dosent worked again please help me to verify this contracts thanks

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You can verify using tool like Foundry or Hardhat, after compiling the contract that’s being created by your factory contract.

Using Foundry:

  1. Compile the contract:

    forge compile
  2. Then, you can use the forge verify-contract command like this:

    forge verify-contract \
        --chain-id 11155111 \
        --num-of-optimizations 1000000 \
        --watch \
        --constructor-args $(cast abi encode "constructor(string,string,uint256,uint256)" "ForgeUSD" "FUSD" 18 1000000000000000000000) \
        --etherscan-api-key <your_etherscan_api_key> \
        --compiler-version v0.8.10+commit.fc410830 \
        <the_contract_address> \

Using Hardhat:

  1. Compile the contract:

    npx hardhat compile
  2. Then, you can use the hardhat-verify plugin, and verify the contract using command like this:

    npx hardhat verify --network NETWORK_NAME DEPLOYED_CONTRACT_ADDRESS "Constructor argument 1" "Constructor argument 2"

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