I am developing an Android app with kotlin and I want to create new accounts in the blockchain. I am using Ganache as a testnet. I am creating a new Bip32ECKeyPair for every user in the app and I want to use this keyPair to create a new account in the blockchain. Then, I want to deploy a Smart Contract for each of the users, and use their accounts to interact with said Smart Contract.

The issue I'm facing with Ganache is that, although I can send funds from any of the pre-created accounts to my programmatically newly created accounts, if I try to deploy the contract or interact with the blockchain I get the following error: Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error processing transaction request: sender account not recognized.

I've read other entries in this forum and other webpages and apparently, there is no way to add new accounts to Ganache. I would really appreciate any help, both providing a solution or an alternative to this testnet.



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