Im following the "create a contract" part in the tutorial of Pyth Network (https://docs.pyth.network/price-feeds/create-your-first-pyth-app/evm/part-1) and i have this error in the import. Does anyone knows what can it be ? im using the last version of Juan Blanco extension of Solidity.

Inside remappings.txt i have: @pythnetwork/pyth-sdk-solidity/=node_modules/@pythnetwork/pyth-sdk-solidity

enter image description here

Error: Source "@pythnetwork/pyth-sdk-solidity/IPyth.sol" not found: File import callback not supported(6275)

I already tried changing the default workspace compiler but it didn't work.

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Instead of using remappings.txt, add this line to your foundry.toml file:

remappings = [

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