I am trying to build a Dapp that relies on this functionality. A user will request another user for some eth, and the sender would then see a pop up notification on their wallet ex Metamask or some other and then confirm the transactionan after which the eth would be transferred?

  • this is what I have provider.getTransactionCount(walletA.address) .then((nonce) => { const txRequest = { to: walletB, value: 0, nonce: nonce, data: ethers.hexlify(ethers.toUtf8Bytes(send ${ethers.formatEther(amountToRequest)} ETH)), gasLimit: 50000, }; return walletA.sendTransaction(txRequest); }) .then(async (tx) => { const resolvedTx = await ethers.resolveProperties(tx); const receipt = await tx.wait(); }) .catch((error) => { console.error('Error sending request:', error); });
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    Commented Apr 11 at 3:03

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Here is outline

  • Create the request data and store it in a database
  • Create a web page that displays this request
  • Send a link of this web page to the user
  • When the user arrives to the web page, they can connect their wallet (there are many wallets, and although MetaMask is oldest, you need to support all wallets)
  • The web page then opens MetaMask the Send transaction request and the user can confirm, this is done using a library like Viem and JSON-RPC request which web page and wallet use to communicate

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