I want to use Safe to sig transactions to propose or execute transactions in my TimelockController. As far as I know Safe uses proxy contracts. Is it possible to use Safe for such case and if so how I can get address to assign roles to it?

  • I think it's possible. After you create your gnoisafe, don't it show up the address?
    – CT95
    Apr 10 at 3:52

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It should be possible. Have you tried by simply adding the address of your Safe as a proposer and/or executor?

Please let me know! Thanks in advance, Louis

  • Hi Louis! Yes, I understand general principle and I can add address of my safe as a proposer role. But I'm worried about proxy pattern. As far as I know Safe implements it and will address change when contract get updated? How it will effect my contract? Apr 10 at 17:03
  • Safe uses the proxy pattern but once your safe is deployed it will stay at the same address, even if functionality changes Apr 15 at 14:22

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