Does anyone know of any stablecoins that have more than 18 decimals?

I only see fewer than 18 decimals, not more.

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While it's technically possible for a stablecoin to have more than 18 decimals, the standard practice is to use 6 decimals to align with the precision of fiat currencies and to avoid confusion.

So, there don't seem to be any stablecoins in production with more than 6 decimals.

You can also inspect the same in this list of stablecoins, by potentially checking their respective token contracts on etherscan.

  • Yea, do you know any stablecoin tokens that has more than 18 decimals? Commented Apr 8 at 14:07

There are no popular tokens with more than 18 decimals.

Some bridged stablecoins have exactly 18 decimals, as they are using a generic ERC-20 bridged token contract.

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