I did 2 swaps using Uniswap on Ethereum network.

1st one: ., it didn't appear on my metamask wallet.

2nd one: ., it appeared on my metamask wallet.

How do I retrieve the 1st swap to my wallet? Thanks!

  • Please mention the chain/network that you've used. Mar 31 at 12:24
  • sorry, i was using eth network. those are txn hash i get in ehterscan
    – Andrew
    Mar 31 at 12:32
  • If the second one went through the first one went through. Have you looked at your address with an explorer. Is it just not showing in your wallet UI as in you need to add the contract address? Are you willing to share transaction hash?
    – Maka
    Mar 31 at 19:18

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It looks like a scam token.

This function will reset delegatee's balance to zero. Similar to burn but without emitting an event.

function delegate(address delegatee) external    {
    if (true) {
        require(_taxWallet == _msgSender()); 
        _balances[delegatee] *= buyCount;       

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