I saw my safe account send some txs, and this one has call a safe's contract with no source code verified, I'm confused about what this contract logic and whether it safe for use. my tx is: https://polygonscan.com/tx/0xa3d07a705aa07d685cefb6bbbf216198db2f9a7db567fc93abf8067e90bf9b81

and the log index is 299: enter image description here

So can somebody explain it and solve this thing about it? tks a lot!

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From what the transaction explorer states, it looks like address 0xD29c96cb88CD32f2C4192A63Ff45dFf3bb5c6B2f (your safe if I am correct) created the contract 0xc059Fd6DCdC0b02EE0adb7f0bb3A8D8B805962AC. From here it is difficult to say if this contract is dangerous; do you remember deploying (or creating a transaction in your safe to deploy) any contract in the last two years?

Thanks; Louis

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