Parity does not return anything for web3.debug on java script console.

The way I run Parity:

parity --chain parity.json --network-id 23422 --reserved-peers myPrivateNetwork.txt --jsonrpc-apis web3,eth,net,parity,parity_accounts,traces,rpc,parity_set,personal-ludp=debug,tcp=debug,sync=debug --author "0x75a4c787c5c18c587b284a904165ff06a269b48c"

When I run --jsonrpc-apis with debug it gives following error:

Unknown api: debug

[Q] Could we run Parity where we could have access to web3.debug?

This works for when I use geth. For geth based on following answer I have followed: https://github.com/tjade273/web3_ipc/blob/master/README.md

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