how do I swap tokens using java script in pancake swap v3 I'm looking for source code but not finding it anywhere

  • github.com/pancakeswap/pancake-v3-contracts is this what you're looking for?
    – Rohan Nero
    Mar 2 at 22:47
  • hmm not really i'm not too good with modifying solidity, i want to swap a token listed on pancakeswap liquidity pool, but its locked on normal swapping using the website for the main time because they are on their pre-sale ,so i'm looking for a basic swap code basically written in js or i use fake_phishing2019 to swap if i could find either of the two i would be greatful thanks.
    – RichMond
    Mar 3 at 7:35
  • what ever way i just want to make a trade on pancakeswap v2,v3 both works, using simple js or any alternative
    – RichMond
    Mar 3 at 9:08


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