https://bscscan.com/tx/0x41fcd1893c7500ae2ace0ab195bb0c9bbfcfefd05ad794707a65749d358da3df. I don't undestand why my transaction is failed. I fixed my fee limit at 1.500.000 and only 10% was used. If someone can help me ! Thanks

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The Pancake: Transfer failed error is usually thrown when the output token (that you swapped the tokenIn for) cannot be transferred out.

It could be when the token contract is paused, or when it requires a KYC, and the PancakePair doesn't have the permissions to transfer it out.

The output token cannot be transferred. There may be an issue with the output token. (https://github.com/pancakeswap/pancake-frontend/blob/1d29560fcba7652a2758e09626df4cc607077ab4/apps/web/src/utils/transactionErrorToUserReadableMessage.ts#L58)

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