I'm struggling to find any documentation that describes how to create a local memory copy of a global uint256 variable. Consider the following example:

contract MyContract {
    uint256 myInt = 0;

     function setter(uint256 newValue) external {
         myInt = 5;

     function getAndReset() external returns (uint256) {
         uint256 value = myInt; //This appears to be a reference
         myInt = 0;
         return value; //This always returns zero, even if setter() has been called

In this case, the variable "value" in the getAndReset() function appears to be a reference to the global storage variable "myInt", and any changes to value results in myInt also being changed. How can I create a local memory copy of myInt so that the above code functions properly?

  • The contract works as expected uint256 value = myInt copies the value, it isn't a reference.
    – Ismael
    Feb 27 at 3:53

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The error in the code is that value is being assigned as a reference to myInt, resulting in value always reflecting the current state of myInt. To fix this, directly assign myInt to value to create a local copy.

Code Snippet:

function getAndReset() external returns (uint256) {
    uint256 value = myInt; // Create a local copy of myInt
    myInt = 0; // Reset myInt
    return value; // Return the local copy
  • I can see that I missed the returns type off the getAndReset() function signature, thanks for pointing that out - I've now fixed it. But beyond that I don't see a difference between your function body and mine.
    – jambolina
    Feb 24 at 12:45

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