I need to use the Multiplex Feature of 0x in order to perform a specific trade that perform a UniswapV3 call followed by a _FillOTCorder using the SelfBalance feature of the the Multiplex Feature.

As this is a complex set of code, the best way to do it is to reuse the existing solidity code.
As the order need to be signed, I can’t call multiplexMultiHopSellEthForToken on the proxy contract directly : I need to encode almost the whole call off‑chain in a Solidity vm, then sign it.

The problem is the multiplexMultiHopSellEthForToken is using variable‑sized arrays as input function’s parameters.

  • There’s seems to be no public toolkits for encoding transactions for the MultiplexFeature which by the way is deployed only on the Ethereum mainnet. Commented Feb 15 at 18:39


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