Is there a way to retrieve a full list of the blockhashes of Ethereum blockchain without downloading a full copy blockchain?

(The naive approach I have in mind is to download the blockchain, use some interface to retrieve the blockhashes of the blocks based on their indices and write them into a file). Is there a better approach?



You could use something like Infura (http://infura.io) and the RPC to pull each block by blockNumber using eth_getBlockByNumber. If you want to pull all 3,600,000 (or more) blocks, it's going to take a very long time.

Even if you did install a full node and sync the chain and used the RPC directly against a local node it might take quite some time as well.

May I ask, just out of curiosity, why you want the block hashes (as opposed to say the full blocks or the list of transaction which seems more useful)?

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