The price of ETH has gone from ~8 USD/ETH to ~90 ETH/USD in 6 months, but when I view transactions on the blockchain (example), I see that most people are still using the default gas price of 2e10 wei/gas.

Shouldn't we be lowering the gas prices on our transactions to account for this price change?

I have built a Dapp where low transaction fees are an important selling point. I intend to drop my gas price to 5e9 (a 75% reduction). Will my transactions still clear in a timely fashion?

UPDATE: I have been running transactions (as of May 5 2017) with a gas limit of 2e9 gas and they have been clearing in ~7 min.

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Absolutely. Everyone should.

There's a great site here that will help you understand gas and gas prices. It's called Ethereum Gas Station. I'm not sure who publishes it, but it's very well done.

They just recently made this post which explains something they call the Safe Gas Price.

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