I have a forwarder contract that calls a function (joinChallenge) on behalf of a user(gasless).

User successfully signs permit request.

I'm getting a revert on the execute call for forwarder.execute.

Can someone tell me why it's failling ?

This is the main contract the forwarder calls it's joinChallenge function. And this is the ERC20Permit contract the main contract calls transferFrom. Contract is verified.


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The Tenderly debugger for the transaction shows that it's because the incorrect amount was sent with the call.

Screenshot of execution trace resulting in a revert.

For accessibility, here is the code from the screenshot (a redundant comment is left out for brevity):

function execute(ForwardRequestData calldata request) public payable virtual {
    if (msg.value != request.value) {
        revert ERC2771ForwarderMismatchedValue(request.value, msg.value);
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    waaw! Thanks alot for sharing the tenderly debugger! Looks super useful. Gonna debug this and mark as solution
    – Ibra
    Feb 5 at 14:25

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