Suppose a struct is made in solidity and pushed the same struct to an array and a mapping (assume a random key), will the change in struct accessed through mapping will affect the change in the same element pushed inside array?

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract StudentVerify {
   struct abc{
    string name;
    uint roll;
    uint8 sem;

    abc[] public Array;
    mapping(uint => abc) public mapper;

    function setter(string memory _name, uint _roll,uint8 _sem) public {
        abc memory f = abc(_name,_roll,_sem);
        mapper[_roll] = f;
 function MapSetter( uint _roll,uint8 _sem) public {
        mapper[_roll].sem = _sem;

suppose in the example I changed the semester of a student accessed through his/her roll number (mapping). will the change be also seen when Array[0](say the student is in that index when pushed) is accessed?

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The short answer is NO.

We use different objects: mapper as HashMap and Array as array. They are not related in this example

  • But according to different programming language since struct is a reference type, why fetching and modifying the value of fields that in within a struct referenced by multiple type in different wouldn't affect the value? Please help me since I am very beginner to this :). Thanks in advance.
    – Niladri
    Feb 3 at 14:14
  • Even in another language the result will be the same - you have created two different objects and they court independent of each other Feb 3 at 18:42
  • It's just that these objects have a struct abc{...} as part of them Feb 3 at 18:44

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