I am writing invariant tests using a handler contract in foundry. However, for some reason, the handler contract is not fuzzing (I know because when I run forge test --mt assertSomething It doesn't show amount of runs / depth / anything fuzz related).

contract Invariant is StdInvariant, Test {

    Handler handler;

    //additional logic ...

    function setUp() public {
        handler = new Handler(pool);

        //additional logic ...

        bytes4[] memory _selectors = new bytes4[](4);
        _selectors[0] = handler.deposit.selector;
        _selectors[1] = handler.swap.selector;

        targetSelector(FuzzSelector({ addr: address(handler), selectors: _selectors}));

    function assertSomething() {
    //logic ...

Functions in handler contract:

    function deposit(uint256 approvedAndDepositedToken, uint256 approvedAndDepositedWeth) public {
        //logic ...

    function swap(uint256 swapAmt) public {
    //logic ...

Why are the functions in my handler contract not fuzzing (maybe not even running at all)?

This is my output: output

  • Add arguments to you test function, those arguments will be used for fuzzing. Jan 26 at 5:02

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I figured it out. The problem was the array length I specified was too large (4). The space of the array I specified is not the amount that I actually used.

Foundry probably checks if any selector of the selectors array is empty / not used.

I had to change the code from:

bytes4[] memory selectors = new bytes4[](4);


bytes4[] memory selectors = new bytes4[](2);

Because I only had 2 functions to fuzz call.

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