I have a 2 of 2 multisig safe account where my users sign and I also sign with my own dedicated private key which is also responsible for transaction execution. I need the user's signature for transactions I plan to execute in the future like token allowance, smart contract transactions. So right now they sign those transactions and I store those signatures in the database. I plan to only make a blockchain transaction like safe deployment and these transactions signed by my users after they have been verify by my platform. The issue is that for a new safe account that have not performed any blockchain transaction the nonce is 0. So when the first transaction succeeds the nonce changes to 1 thereby making other transaction to fails because they are using old nonce. Please any idea on how I can solve this issue.

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You can sign a transaction and save it to execute later, as long as it complies with how Safe handles signed transactions. You will need to keep track and increment the nonce each time before signing each transaction, so that each one have a different nonce and be broadcast to the network.

Hope it helps, Louis

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