I'm trying to deploy a Safe contract using safeFactory.deploySafe with certain transaction options, but the deployment appears to be stuck as pending in the transaction pool. Here is the sample code I'm using:

const options: EthersTransactionOptions = {
  gasPrice: 250000000000, // Optional
  gasLimit: 936258

const callback = (txHash: string): void => {
  console.log({ txHash })

const safeSdk = await safeFactory.deploySafe({ safeAccountConfig, saltNonce, options, callback })

One of the transactions that is stuck as pending in the pool can be found here: Transaction on PolygonScan

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A stuck transaction happens because network operators are not incentivized enough to move your transaction from the mempool to include it in a block. Maybe resending the same transaction with more gas could help get it unstuck.

Hope it helps, Louis

  • Hi! You may want to explain the answer more (i.e. that stuck in txpool doesn't have to do with the code, it's about the gas price) - that way it can help other people with similar problems. Commented Jan 8 at 10:33

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