I recently used hardhat as a compiler for deploying SC and feel it really efficient. However, when I try to verify the SC using

npx hardhat verify --network bsc_testnet 0x....

I got the following error

Error in plugin @nomiclabs/hardhat-etherscan: More than one contract was found to match the deployed bytecode. Please use the contract parameter with one of the following contracts:

  • @openzeppelin/contracts/MyTest.sol:MyTest
  • contracts/MyTest.sol: MyTest

For example:

hardhat verify --contract contracts/Example.sol:ExampleContract

If you are running the verify subtask from within Hardhat instead:

await run("verify:verify", { , contract: "contracts/Example.sol:ExampleContract" };

Please help me. Thank much everyone

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The error occurs because you have multiple contract with the same name of MyTest. You can easily obtain it from the artifacts/ folder after

npx hardhat compile

In order to fix the error, you just need to pass the right contract instance as

npx hardhat verify ---contract "contracts/MyTest.sol:MyTest" --network bsc_testnet "your_contract_address" "argument_if_have"

Hope it helps.


It occurs because of multiple presences of the same contract. As mentioned in the error message itself, try running this command instead.

npx hardhat verify --contract "contracts/MyTest.sol:MyTest" --network bsc_testnet 0x....

This command will tell hardhat the exact file to verify, which is I assume MyTest.sol inside the contract folder.

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