When implementing an algorithm like groth16, the verification step involves the addition of higher-order field elements (FQ12) resulting from pairings. How can this be achieved through Ethereum's py_ecc library, since simple arithmetic addition is invalid? enter image description here

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I think you need something like the following:

from py_ecc.fields import optimized_bn128_FQ12 as FQ12
first = pairing(B_2, neg(A_1))
second = pairing(beta_G2, alpha_G1)
third = pairing(G2, C_1)
print("first pairing == second pairing:", final_exponentiate(first * second * third) == FQ12.one())

Source: https://github.com/zigtur/Groth16/blob/main/Groth16.ipynb

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    Thank you! This works. Heads up for future readers of this answer: The pairing and FQ12 must belong to the same curve (the standard bn128 or the optimised one) to prevent type conflicts in Python. Jan 4 at 5:44

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