I've noticed that the deploying address in my truffle .js tests is equal to the address at accounts[0].

Since it's important to me to test the ownership of a contract, I'd like to know if it's guaranteed that contacts deployed by accounts[0] in the test suite.

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Yes, that is the case. accounts[0] is the default. If you like to test calling a function from another account, you can pass {from: accounts[1]} as the last parameter of your function. If you would have a function like this:


It would look like this:

MyContract.getBalance.call(address, {from: accounts[1]});

You can get your accounts in truffle console with:

var accounts = web3.eth.accounts;

I hope that helps.

  • Thanks! The answer would be even better if you'd change to MyContract.getBalance.call(address); May 10, 2017 at 12:28

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