I have lost my mist wallet password (1 year ago)

i tried pyethrecover but... no error , no luck... i guess because i have mist .089 keysotre file... so i tried this one:

How to apply pyethrecover.py on v3 .json/transfor v3 .json to .v1

and i use pyethrecoverv3

i create new wallet with very simple password

password is: qwe

and i try to use this

w = { "address": "a0d8b24364e6a0782741091e9a8afe51a3225758", "crypto": { "cipher": "aes-128-ctr", "ciphertext": "12972a53599542829e01f3a8170f4d40fa2b31505eed5851db631a064f50fea4", "cipherparams": { "iv": "5df8949e399b6aae58381a6f8b791c25" }, "kdf": "scrypt", "kdfparams": { "dklen": 32, "n": 262144, "p": 1, "r": 8, "salt": "6e5ef6f1c6644fdd6bd18dd9cdcbafa26ca57a0da084e640a0b30791bdb66a9b" }, "mac": "064b2575bc5a0a71295540870d88371a85af5bd237aac154e9dbaced50b756eb" }, "id": "1dab3409-aec4-4591-b054-6e5971c746f4", "version": 3 }

and i try to use this password "qwe" and i see "attempts" ... i see attempt with correct password but ... there is no luck showing it...

any help?

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