I know the ethereum address of a deployed smart contract. I know the source code of this contract but I am not the owner.

Is there a way, with foundry tools to read this smart contract's variables ?

I also want to know if it is possible to interact with this smart contrat from foundry tools command line (call a method, ...)


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You can use the cast call command line utility to read on-chain data. It's part of the foundry suite.

cast call --help

You'll need to know the signature of the function you want to call. Eg : To check the totalSupply() of a token :

cast call 0xc2132D05D31c914a87C6611C10748AEb04B58e8F "totalSupply()(uint256)" --rpc-url https://polygon.llamarpc.com 

To check balanceOf(address) :

cast call 0xc2132D05D31c914a87C6611C10748AEb04B58e8F "balanceOf(address)(uint256)" 0x53AB61eE41FA202227Eb4e7B176208FC626DC8A9 --rpc-url https://polygon.llamarpc.com 
  • What is 0x53AB61eE41FA202227Eb4e7B176208FC626DC8A9 ?
    – Bob5421
    Dec 21, 2023 at 16:40
  • It's just a wallet address. I'm checking what is the Polygon USDT balance for that wallet. Dec 23, 2023 at 6:55

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