i have a contract that i would like to utilize the zeroEx protocol with

i am calling the qoute endpoint like this


this is the API qoute URL

i then call my contract with the bytes data returned from this endpoint

const I = await axios.get(url, {
  timeout: 10000,
  headers: optionsCreateZeroEx.headers


const swapDataI: any = I.data;


I Then Utilize the response.data and call my contract method as part of the callData params to my contract method

once all tokens are transfered to my contract


I perfrom the following call

 (success, result) = 0xContract.call(sData.data);

where sData.data being the data returned from zeroEx endpoint

but no matter what i cannot get pass my require

require(success, "AGG Swap Fail");

Any Help Would be appreciated Thank You Team.

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I Have Resolved the issue One needs to make sure we have in your contract the following

    receive() external payable {}

very simple oversight on my behalf but hope this can help someone in the future

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