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Right now we have major Dapp development frameworks.

  1. Truffle Framework
  2. Embark
  3. Dapple

What are the pros and cons of each one. On what basis this could be chosen.

And what each frameworks needs to make more developer friendly?

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I have worked in Embark so i will answer for Embark framework


  • Easy to start private network.
  • Easy to configure the Ethereum network parameters.
  • Auto deploy of contracts whenever the file changes.
  • Easy to edit genesis block.
  • Support IPFS.
  • Support Javascript and html page integration.
  • Support ethereum based commands no new commands for deployment once the server is up.


  • Only support on linux platform.
  • Faces difficulties on installation.
  • no GUI.
  • No editor for contracts.

I found truffle to be very useful as a beginner.

Pros : 1. truffle enables easy deployment on testrpc networks using migrations
       2. very easy to install (npm install -g truffle) if you have npm setup
       3. detailed documentation and a lot of help pages. useful for debugging
       4. makes interaction with contracts easy through the truffle-contract 
          abstraction (which again has a very good documentation
       5.Automated contract testing with Mocha and Chai.
       6.Support for JavaScript, CoffeeScript, SASS, ES6 and JSX built-in.
       7. A configurable build pipeline that supports both web apps and console apps.
Cons :
      1. NO GUI 
      2. no editor for contracts (but you can use atom and install the solidity 

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