Here is a test file.
ethers.getSigners() works fine ethers.deployContract() works fine for some reason, ethers.utils.solidityKeccak256 keeps breaking the code with this error:

' TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'solidityKeccak256')

const { expect } = require("chai");
const crypto = require('crypto');

describe("Pool claim", function () {
  it("Deployment should claim", async function () {
    const [owner, otherAccount] = await ethers.getSigners();
    const PRIVATE_KEY = "******"
    const wallet = new ethers.Wallet(PRIVATE_KEY);

    const Factory = await ethers.deployContract("RewardRegistry");
    const Pool = await Factory.createContracts("++++");

    const ammount = 1;
    const userAddr = await otherAccount.address
    const nonce =  crypto.randomBytes(32)

    const message = ethers.utils.solidityKeccak256(
        ['address', 'bytes32', 'uint256'],
        [userAddr, nonce, ammount]

    const signature = await wallet.signMessage(message);

    const claimReward = await Pool.claimReward(userAddr, nonce, signature, ammount)

    // expect(await hardhatToken.totalSupply()).to.equal(ownerBalance);

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If you are on ethers v6, try this:

  const message = ethers.solidityPackedKeccak256(
    ['address', 'bytes32', 'uint256'],
    [userAddr, nonce, ammount]

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