Since solidity 0.8.0, we can now specify the salt for contract creation using new keyword

Using 'new'

bytes32 _salt = bytes32("0x4");
address addr = address(new DummyContract{salt: _salt}());

I am getting different addresses for the same salt used in create2 which calculates address as:

address = first 20 bytes of keccak256(0xff + address(this) + s + keccak256(mem[p…(p+n))) s = big-endian 256-bit value

using 'create2'

address addr;    
bytes memory bytecode = type(DummyContract).creationCode;
    assembly {
        addr := create2(0, add(bytecode, 0x20), mload(bytecode), 4)
        if iszero(extcodesize(addr)) {
            revert(0, 0)

Am I missing something here ?

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"0x4" is interpreted as a string, so the two salts are different.

bytes32("0x4") != 4

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