I want to copy in inline assembly from calldata the last two bytes of every 32 byte slices to the lower half of the first free memory slot(32 bytes).

free = free memory pointer + 14 (bytes)

moffset = free + (loop count * 2) so in the first run calldatacopy copy the bytes at the start of the lower half of the 32 byte slot

loffset = 4 + (loop count * 30) the first four bytes are the function signature, and i want copy from the calldata the data what follows the signature, and the data is packed by 32 bytes, and i want to read starting from the (loop number * 30th byte)

When i debug it in RemixIDE the memory location is not updated after the first loop.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.13;

contract YourContract {
mapping (address=>uint128) public whitelist;

function _setwlistA(uint16[8] calldata partitions, address operator) public {
   let i:=1
   let free:= add(mload(64),14)
   for {} lt (i,9) {} 
      let moffset := add(free,mul(i,2))
      let loffset := add(4,mul(i,30))
      i := add(i,1)
   mstore(32, whitelist.slot)

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While i was editing my question i realized:

I just need to set the offset for calldata's reading point first to 34 outside the loop, then in every loop i must add 32 to it.


let loffset:= 34


loffset := add(loffset,32)

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