There are many guides and online services on how to sign a message using eip712. But they all apply to messages.

Now, if I already have the hash of my message, how to use MetaMask without other third party JavaScript library or Python in order to get the signature of 0x6c211393193b1eb91fbbe20e9a080e5ad36cff4a06b37871d9672cbf15bd304a ?

  • I just wanted to use the 0x exchange, not to write code for signing stuff for creating a zrx order… Commented Nov 22, 2023 at 18:16

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You simply cannot.

I think you messed up a few concepts.

  1. Metamask is just a container of private keys. You don't need metamask to sign a message, but you need a private key.

  2. Metamask is designed to interact with dapps, which will automatically trigger metamask's signing GUI for you to click, but there is no such feature to sign a raw message.

  3. If you want to sign a message (no matter if it hashed or not), you will need some code. At least some commands.

  4. EIP-712 is for signing a structured object. Metamask does not do any EIP-712 signing.

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