Is there a reliable way of disassembling bytecode into opcodes across different EVM versions, to make it agnostic to the EVM version used during compilation?

As the second best option - is there a disassembler, that allows you to specify the EVM version to use? I did plenty of research on line but haven't found anything like this. I'm currently using evmdasm: https://github.com/ethereum/evmdasm

But it was not updated for a long time, so, as an example of the problem - with the release of Shanghai, and introduction of PUSH0, for contracts, compiled with Shanghai EVM version I have opcode UNKNOWN_0x5f(basically unrecognized opcode 0x5f), while same operation in contract compiled using Paris version, will look like PUSH1 0x00.

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For anyone interested. I found an existing package, that allows you to select evm version to use during disassembling:

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