I'm working on implementing signature verification using the Safe SDK in conjunction with EIP-1271. Currently, I'm referring to this documentation for initializing my application with EIP-1271.

I have a few questions regarding the integration:

  1. Using EIP-1271 with Safe SDK: Is it possible to implement EIP-1271 directly through the protocol kit, or should I opt for a web3 library that interfaces with SafeFactory?

  2. execTransaction Function: The execTransaction function mentioned in the documentation - is this a built-in function within the SDK, or is it a separate function in the Smart Contract Wallet (SCW) for manually executing transactions outside the SDK?

Any insights or references to related projects that have integrated EIP-1271 with Safe would be immensely helpful. I'm looking to understand the best practices and nuances of this integration.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Yes, since Safe supports EIP-1271 natively, you should be able to check if a message is correctly signed directly from the protocol kit.
  2. execTransaction function is a function from the smart contract that you can call directly (without the SDK), however the SDK has its equivalent, executeTransaction.

Some more context here: GnosisSafe: Signing and verifying a signature

Hope it helps! Louis

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