I 'm making a website for faucet and purchasing nft just for practice and get better at solidity and js cant get metamask accounts balance in the right way I want which is string or integer.


document.getElementById("log-in").addEventListener("click", async () => {
  const accounts = await window.ethereum.request({
    method: "eth_requestAccounts",

  const balances = await window.ethereum.request({
    method: "eth_getBalance",
    params: [accounts[0]],

  window.ethereum.on("accountsChanged", (accounts) => {
    address.innerHTML = "Address: " + accounts[0];
  document.getElementById("address").innerHTML = "Address: " + accounts[0];
  document.getElementById("balance").innerHTML = "Balance: " + balances;
  • If its 0 it shows 0x0
  • But if there's balance in it
  • It Shows :
    Address: -contract address-
    Balance: 0x12c12c0c0da301f1


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