It seems that could not log in Web3AuthModalPack with any social media account, like Google, Facebook, etc.. It only works when I login with MetaMask. Anyone get the clue?

    const init = async () => {
      try {
        const web3AuthModalPack = new Web3AuthModalPack(options, [openloginAdapter], modalConfig)

        const safeAuthKit = await SafeAuthKit.init(web3AuthModalPack, {
          txServiceUrl: 'https://safe-transaction-goerli.safe.global'

        safeAuthKit.subscribe(ADAPTER_EVENTS.CONNECTED, connectedHandler)

        safeAuthKit.subscribe(ADAPTER_EVENTS.DISCONNECTED, disconnectedHandler)

        console.log("web3AuthModalPack",await web3AuthModalPack.getUserInfo())

      } catch (error) {

  }, []);

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In my opinion, that issue is from that you are not passing the correct options to the Web3AuthModalPack constructor.

The options object should contain the following properties:

clientId: Your Web3Auth client ID.

network: The network you want to connect to.

redirectUri: The URI to redirect to after the user has logged in.

Once you have added these properties to the options object, the Web3AuthModalPack should work as expected.


  • Thanks for replying, I find the key to the question is that the Web3AuthModalPack has outdated web3auth dependency. it was version 4.3.0 and it is far more way of nowadays. Nov 9, 2023 at 3:10
  • Glad to hear that, so you fixed the issue I think. So the issue was from t he dependency issue, thanks. Good luck. Nov 9, 2023 at 3:30

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