I am trying to fetch two events from a contract on Goerli. One of them is being fetched correctly but the other one doesn't.

The working one :

 let eventFilter = Core.filters.AddChannel();//Core is the contract instance, and it is correctly initialized. 
  let events = await Core.queryFilter(eventFilter);
  console.log(`Total ${events.length} Add events found `);

Not working :

let Filter = Core.filters.UpdateChannel();
 let events = await Core.queryFilter(Filter);

 console.log(`Total ${events.length} update events found`);

here is the contract address : 0x23346b732d56d34ec4e890419fbfb8548216a799

The later one is printing an empty array, there is no error popping up either.

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My bad.

The deployed contract was an old contract, containing only two parameters in the event, but the instance I was creating had three parameters, producing a wrong filter for the event.


The contract hasn't emitted that event yet. The only functions called so far is the createChannel. Try calling updateChannelMeta which emits the UpdateChannel event.

  • If you filter the events with several block numbers, you'll notice it has emitted the event. The updateChannelMeta tx is there, if you check txs more than 30 days old. Commented Nov 6, 2023 at 11:12

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