Trying to implement send transaction i already acknowledge that gasLimit != 21_000 for arbitrum so i also changed my approach having following script for estimating:

const [feeData, to] = await Promise.all([this.getFeeData(), this.getAccount()]);
const gasLimit = Number(await this.wallet.estimateGas({ to }));
const estimatedGas = BigNumber.from(feeData.maxFeePerGas).mul(gasLimit);

Which gives me at the current moment:

maxFeePerGas: 1200000000
estimateGas: 489733

and result from calculations is:

0.0005876796 eth which at the current prices is around ~$1, just tested on metamask overthere fee is around ~$0.10. So what i'm doing wrong with calculations and from where this overestimation is coming from


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