How to reliably find the validator address of a block? Relay API has gaps wherein some blocks are missing.

Is there any other reliable way to get the validator address?

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You can see the address to which the rewards for the offered block have been sent

const { Web3 } = require('web3').   // "web3": "^4.2.1"
const { isAddress } = require('web3-validator')
const web3 = new Web3("https://virginia.rpc.blxrbdn.com")

async function GetLastNBlocks(n) {
    latestBlock = await web3.eth.getBlockNumber() - BigInt(1)
    web3.eth.getBlock(latestBlock).then((data, err) => {
        // console.log(latestBlock, "data:", data)
        console.log(data.miner, isAddress(data.miner)) // data.miner

You can see the block validator in the browser https://beaconcha.in/block/18475010 -> Proposer

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