Tired of getting outputs like

"Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]"

and having to specify gas limit on every smart contract call like

sc.endpoint(parameters, {gas:1000000});

I would like to know if there is any web3 command similar to

web3.eth.defaultAccount = "...";

capable of define a new limit to gas consumed on my next transactions.

Variable web3.eth.gasLimit seems not to exist...



tl;dr You can't do this with web3 .. yet. You can track progress of the proposal to improve web3, and add improvements such as promises and defaults in this ticket: EIP68.

However, you can do something similar on the contract level with truffle-artifactor (formerly called ether-pudding):

var myContract = MyContract.at("0x1234...");
  gasLimit: "100000"

Or alternatively, the following is equivalent:

var myContract = MyContract.at("0x1234...", {gasLimit: "10000"});
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