The value of aggregatorId in the event emitted by the below tx is not equal to value “oneInchV5FeeDynamic” in the tx? Also, I can’t decode the value emitted in the event “0xf35f348d53012d52a5d39f9390d246956ac932d5778d2bb49e359dba4fa0896d” into a string using eth_abi abi.decode method.
The below method also returns value "0xf35f348d53012d52a5d39f9390d246956ac932d5778d2bb49e359dba4fa0896d".

processed_log = contract.events.myEvent().process_log(log_to_process)

The hex equivalent of string value “oneInchV5FeeDynamic” is “0x6f6e65496e6368563546656544796e616d6963”, which is not same as event emitted value.
Can anyone explain this?

Decoded tx data

Name | Type | Data
aggregatorId | string | oneInchV5FeeDynamic |
tokenFrom | address | 0xA9E8aCf069C58aEc8825542845Fd754e41a9489A |
amount | uint256 | 1891980133455368475347 |
data | bytes | 0x000000000000000000000000a9e8acf06… |

Emitted event

Name Swap (index_topic_1 string aggregatorId, index_topic_2 address sender)

0 - 0xbeee1e6e7fe307ddcf84b0a16137a4430ad5e2480fc4f4a8e250ab56ccd7630d
1 - 0xf35f348d53012d52a5d39f9390d246956ac932d5778d2bb49e359dba4fa0896d (value of aggregatorId)
2 - 0x748dF7c92687A7acA7c1ac81b1cDC2A3995581b9\

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If the topic is of string type, the string value returned by the log is keccak256(bytes("oneInchV5FeeDynamic")). Try not to mark strings as topics.

  • I am working on a tool that uses static analysis to extract the complete state of the Solidity smart contract. And I have noticed that many "Router" contracts do this, and I am facing issues in getting value of mapping key from event's indexed string parameter. This tx is of MetaSwap (Metamask: Swap Router) smart contract. etherscan.io/tx/…
    – Waiz Khan
    Oct 26, 2023 at 7:31

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