I see that now Astar has testnet for zkEVM.

How do I deploy smart contract on it? Which infrastructure is supported?

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Thanks for showing interest in deploying your product on Astar zkEVM Testnet.

Getting started on zKatana:

📔 Docs

📝 Explorer

🔗 RPC: https://rpc.startale.com/zkatana

🔗 RPC: https://rpc.zkatana.gelato.digital

To get started, claim some free testnet ETH from Alchemy's Sepolia faucet, bridge it using zKatana L1/L2 bridge, and you're ready to make your first Astar zkEVM transaction.

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    Thanks for the quick answer!
    – Andabak
    Commented Oct 24, 2023 at 13:09

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