For example, is slot 0 in this contract the uint256 x or does the custom error take up this slot? Same thing for events.

contract Foo {

error CustomError();
uint256 x;


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No, events and errors aren't stored in contract storage like state variables are.

For example take these three contracts:

contract A {
    uint x;
contract B {
    error Zero();
    error One();
    error Two();
    error Three();
    error Four();
    error Five();
    error Six();
    error Seven();
    uint x;
contract C {
    event Zero();
    event One();
    event Two();
    event Three();
    event Four();
    event Five();
    event Six();
    event Seven();
    uint x;

Each contract cost the same amount of gas to deploy:

 gas    77126 gas
transaction cost    67072 gas 
execution cost  12666 gas 

And each contract showed the same size, 0.063 kB, when using forge build --sizes.

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