I have a solidity contract that contains a logic to approve and transfer balance, swap and flashloan. But when i use eth_call to call my function that perform swap, it reverts.

I tried by eth_sendRawTransaction, and it gives me the correct result. so My question is, Can eth_call simulate transaction that contain safeapprove and transfer or do I miss something?

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You want to use eth_estimateGas. It will run your code without executing it and estimate the cost. It will also tell you if the call will fail.

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    ok wait pls let me test it... and thanks for ur fast response Oct 21 at 11:57
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    Hello bro thank very much for info eth_estimate. It is very time efficient to get gas estimation and to simulate transaction at same time. Also eth_call worked for me. The problem was, i made a mistake when i encode the ABI data. Oct 21 at 13:26

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