I have been mining to the address I created on my mining Linux box with geth. I can list my accounts with geth account list but how do I check my balance. My mining pool has made one payout to my address since I've started mining so I should have .02 eth there but I'd like to see it to be sure. Secondly I'm not sure if I even remember my password or not and I don't know where or how to enter my password to verify if I remember it or not. How can I check my password with geth? Thanks.

geth attach


personal.unlockAccount(eth.accounts[0], "you passWord",10)

If you're just checking your balance and you know your public address, you can do it 2 ways without exposing your private key;

Using a block explorer

Block explorers - like https://etherscan.io - are usually up-to-date on showing you block information, which also has your address balance.

Using geth

You don't need to expose your private key here either if you know your public key. You can run the following in your geth console


(Make sure your geth instance is in sync with the latest block (eth.getBlock("latest").number) otherwise it'll (possibly) show the wrong amount depending on how far out of sync it is)

Remember your password!

Hopefully you can remember your password or have access to your private key so you can then sign and broadcast transactions with the address using geth or a gui like https://myetherwallet.com

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