I have provided here (https://stackblitz.com/edit/github-cgbkrw?file=pages%2Fhello.vue) a stackblitz recreation of the issue (although stackblitz seems to have trouble with the useWagmi module). This is using Nuxt3 and use-wagmi module. If someone can get stackblitz past that, I'm unsure what is not happening properly to use the useContractWrite() function. I keep getting the following three errors:

vue-query composables like "uesQuery()" should only be used inside a "setup()" function or a running effect scope.

[Vue warn]: inject() can only be used inside setup() or functional components. at

[Vue warn]: Unhandled error during execution of native event handler
at <Pagename onVnodeUnmounted=fn ref=Ref< Proxy { : Proxy, : {…} }>>

Based on everything I've read and all of the examples I've gone through I have no idea what the problem is. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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