Consensys announced yesterday that BlockApps STRATO is available for Microsoft Azure.

Joseph Lubin says,

It is also a better Ethereum public mainnet node for various kinds of decentralized apps that want to write to the RESTful API instead of connecting to a node via RPC.

Does it mean STRATO offers another client implementation for Ethereum? What language is it written in? Is it even open source?


STRATO uses an Ethereum client written in Haskell.

Open source https://github.com/blockapps/ethereum-vm is forked from a repo which says:

This package provides a tool written in Haskell to allow you to connect to the Ethereum blockchain

At the lower left of http://blockapps.net there is a link to RESTful API Documentation. Depending on what you need from an Ethereum client, it may work and it lists resources such as:


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