I tried running tests that were not sending any transactions and ran into two errors that to me make no sens : an authentification error and, when the account has been unlocked, a block gas limit error (Error: Exceeds block gas limit).

This prompted me to look at the transaction that Truffle sends when running tests. The code of the test is the following :

contract('Testing truffle', function(){
    it('does nothing', function(){

Using a local geth node connected to Ethereum testnet, I can see six transactions being sent :

enter image description here

Three of them seems to be contract creation and the others are transactions to the first created contract (0x288fb9423026fa441b85d02028838e7756497c61).

Can someone tell me what that is about ?

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The tests run your migrations. By default there's a Migrations contract handling the migrations and it's created at the start of the tests.

For more information: http://truffleframework.com/docs/getting_started/migrations

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