Hello ethereum community. I'm experimenting with low level calls and i want to revert the transaction made by low level call, if i didn't get the desired result. Is it possible?

(bool success, ) = _contractOne.call{value: 10, gas: 100000}(payload);

let's say this is my call to swap on uniswap and i get lower output token. how to revert the transaction to initial state?

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You can use this code to revert function if success be false.

(bool success, ) = _contractOne.call{value: 10, gas: 100000}(payload);

if (!success) {
    // Revert the transaction if the low-level call fails
    revert("Low-level call failed");

// Continue with your code if the low-level call was successful
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    👍 thanks bro.. Oct 7, 2023 at 10:38

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